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Trigger Finger Release (tenoplasty)

Your Procedure

You have had a trigger finger release. Through a small incision at the base of your finger, your surgeon has released the thicker pulley though which your tendon passes, allowing it to glide more smoothly.

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What to Expect

Local anesthetic has been injected so that finger and the area near it may be numb after surgery. Your neighbouring finger may also be numb. Once this wears off, it is normal for the incision to be a little tender for up to 3-4 weeks from surgery.

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Surgical Site Care

You will have a large bandage on after surgery. You can remove this after 2 days, clean the incision with warm clean water, and apply a small band aid to protect the sutures. You should avoid getting your hand dirty or immersing it in water until your sutures have been removed.
If the bandage feels very tight sometime after surgery, you may loosen it. Make sure you are keeping your hand elevated above the heart.

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Activity and Care at Home

It is very important to keep your hand elevated after hand surgery to prevent swelling and pain. You may move your fingers and may use your hand for very light tasks right away. Avoid heavy lifting or gripping for 3-4 weeks then gradually ease back into normal activity. You should be back to full activities by 4-5 weeks from surgery.

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Medications and Pain Management

Some discomfort and pain following surgery is to be expected. You should take ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 6 hours as directed on the container labels. If more pain is expected, you will be given a prescription that you can take in addition to this. Do not exceed the recommended doses. Keep surgical areas elevated and avoid any strenuous activities. For further information on pain management, please refer to the post-operative pain instruction sheet.

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What to watch for / when to call / who to call

Call if you have fever, increasing pain, a foul smell to the dressings, increased redness, or persistent bleeding.

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You should contact your surgeon’s office to arrange follow-up in two weeks for suture removal and/or a wound check.

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